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National A Cappella Convention

This year, we are taking a break from competing in the ICCAs to attend the National A Cappella Convention (NACC) in Orlando, Florida, from March 23-25. This will be a weekend of workshops and masterclasses from a cappella experts. We are also honored to have been selected to perform in the NACC Collegiate Showcase with a fully choreographed 10-minute set on Saturday, March 25. We are beyond excited about this new opportunity and to continue pushing the boundaries of our group.


2022 ICCA Champions

We are honored and thrilled to be the 2022 ICCA champions.

Our passion for this set and love for this group brought us to ICCA finals for the first time ever, and we are still processing the results from Saturday night.

It was truly an honor to share the Town Hall stage with some of the greatest musicians we have ever met. Special shoutout to the Harvard Opportunes, who placed second, and the UCLA ScatterTones for placing third! Our jaws were dropped watching all the talent in the other groups.

To our family, friends, and alumni in the audience and to those waiting for text updates from home, we would not have made it to New York City without you. You made this possible, and we love you all endlessly. Thank you to the Varsity Vocals team for all their hard work in making this incredible competition possible.

Our arrangers, Niko Tutland and Ben Hecht, have created some of the most powerful, beautiful, and complex arrangements we have ever had the chance to sing. Thank you.

A few of our members had a special role in making this set so special. Elise Schroeder won Outstanding Choreography at every level of this competition. Jill Genova and Chlo Baumbach arranged the final song in our set together. You all are absolute legends.


ICCA photos taken by Joe Martinez.

Fall Show 2021 Recap

Last semester we got to be back on stage together for the first time in two years. Our hearts could not be more full.

Thank you to the more than 1,000 of you who came out to support us and our friends in Fundamentally Sound at Shannon Hall in November. Nothing we do would be possible without you.

Concert photos taken by Nick Greseth.

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