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We recently released our winning 2022 ICCA set on Spotify and Apple music. This set is so special to us and we are so excited to share it with you!

“This album cover is a visual homage to our love and pride of our set and each other. The white dots in the water is an illustration by Elise of her award-winning formations while the red dots, also drawn by Elise, represent us. Each dot is a member of Pitches & Notes who performed this set on stage in NYC, while the 18th dot represents our supporters whose support made our presence on that stage possible. Lastly, the water represents the lakes of Madison because no matter how far from home we traveled, we stayed centered by remembering home and our purpose: to do our best, make ourselves proud, and have fun.”

- Maia Grosser, 2022 Pitches & Notes Graduate

Collaborative Music

As the pandemic continued into Spring of 2021, we came together with our friends in Fundamentally Sound and decided to learn and record a song together. 


"Creature" brought us all together during a time when we weren't able to regularly do what we all love: singing.

This collaborative project is the result of the hard work of so many individuals — specifically our arranger, Lee Stovall, and Niko Tutland, who helped us record and mix the single.


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